Former FD 200
  • Former FD 200
  • Former FD 200

    Former FD 200

    New product

    The forming device guarantees precise shaping of a wide range of food mixtures.

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    Working volume up to, l :

    The forming device works on the rotary principle - however, the hopper is emptied 4 times faster than in conventional rotary molding machines

    The machine is optionally supplied with an automatic wire cleaning and cooling system - due to the fact that the system operates at 3000 rpm

    All contact surfaces are made of materials suitable for use in the food industry. The model is equipped with three safety elements for locking the device, so that you ensure safe operation.

    The hopper, forming drum and conveyor are removable for easy cleaning.


    Floor standing

    Easy to clean

    Easy to maintain

    Chilling system in the top to reduce product temperature rise


    Number of drums: 2

    Hopper, L: 200 - sealed 

    Hopper: 3 mm Stainless steel

    Paddle: 6mm Stainless steel - up to 5 time stronger than other rotary formers 250 nm against 50 nm

    Motor, kW: 1,5 with variable speed

    Special attribute

    A combination of different drum surface finishes and paddle configuration ensure possibility to make different form. Not only burger but also to produce and a range of vegetarian and ethnic food products i.e. Falafel, Aloo Tikki, Pakora and onion bhaji the Formatic On the machine you can also achieved equal success forming cookies, shortbread or novelty biscuits, Flapjack, health food bars and Xmas puddings in the bakery industry as well as Butter portions for the catering and ready meals industry

    Video of usage