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Former FR 75


The forming device guarantees accurate forming of a wide range of food mixtures The FR 75 is suitable for various mixtures of different textures and consistencies. For more information, contact the company's sales department at sales@foodtechprocess.com

The range of the device is 5 times stronger than any of the competing devices with respect to the drive from 250 nm compared to the usual 50 nm.

The materials used on the device are suitable for use in the food industry

The forming device works on the rotating principle, the paddles gently push the mixture into the desired shape. The shaped product is smoothly pushed onto the conveyor using the scraper

The number of molds depends on the diameter of the shape - one shape formed by one drum is up to a diameter of 120 mm, two shapes at a diameter of up to 55 mm, in the case of small products it is possible to form 3 shapes with a product diameter of up to 35 mm

Specification of product

Motor: 1,5 KW

Hopper: 75 L

Productivity: depends on the chosen drum up to 6000 forms per unit (max. diameter of product 35mm)

how it works