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  • vegetable centrifuge
  • vegetable centrifuge
Vegetable centrifuge COV 150

The equipment is designed for centrifuging different types of products and raw materials. For more information, send us an email to


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Vegetable centrifuge for centrifuging vegetables and other products

The device is intended for use in the food industry.The vegetable centrifuge dries vegetables in just a few minutes, keeping all its natural freshness intact. Can be customised to suit different types of products.

Drying vegetables in a short time

It is essential for caterers to dry any kind of vegetables in a short time, and keeping the natural freshness without destroying the most delicate leaves. The vegetable centrifuge handles vegetables in a delicate way, while the machine itself is sturdy, as being made of stainless steel.

Centrifuging any kind of vegetable

The vegetable centrifuge has been developed for centrifuging batches of various kinds of vegetables, as well as for whole leaves and other delicate products.

Vegetable centrifuge technical features: 

  • Lenght, mm 953.50
  • Width, mm 880
  • Height, mm 991
  • Weight, kg 220

Heavy duty centrifuge available

For centrifuging heavy products like sliced carrots, sliced onions etc. a special reinforced heavy duty vegetable centrifuge is available.

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