Fruit and vegetable washer
  • Fruit and vegetable washer
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Fruit and vegetable washer MGFVW

This machine is suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. We offer 2 capacities. For more information, send us an email to


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Fruit and vegetable washer machine is suitable for washing fruits and vegetables

The poured fruit falls directly into the water, then the elevator conveyor pulls out from the water, where clean it with high pressure water (in other models grinding too) and pass on to the next workstation. The fruits get a clean water wash on the conveyor. The machine is suitable for processing lines due to the adjustable speed of the elevetor. 


  • fruit and vegetable washing and transporting at the same time
  • efficient washing with high pressure nozzles
  • mobile unit
  • adjustable belt speed

fruit and vegetable washer

Vegetable washing machine MGFVW 1000

Production  1000 kg/h

Electric power  0,55 kW, 230 V, 6 A, mono Phase

Weight  110 kg

Measurements  600x1600x1550 mm

Fruit vegetable cleaner MGFVW 3000

Production 3000 kg/h

Electric power 0,75 kW, 400 V, 16 A, 3 Phase

Weight 135 kg

Measurements  710x2925x2120 mm


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