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Basket centrifuge / separator
  • Basket centrifuge / separator
  • Basket centrifuge / separator
  • Vegetables
  • Vegetables
  • food centrifuge COVM 200
  • food centrifuge COVM 200
  • Basket separator
  • Basket separator

Food centrifuge COVM 200


The equipment is designed for centrifuging and separating different types of products and raw materials.

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Very effective and affordable tool for filtering/ separation/drying by the use of gravity.

Ideal for:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • many other products

Universal use

The COVM centrifuge is able to process and dry many different products, using exchangable baskets. Rotation speed of the basket is adjustable according to the product. A centrifuge is a useful tool that has gained an increasing interest for kitchen applications the last couple of years. Basically it is a very effective and affordable tool for filtering/separation/drying by the use of gravity.

Adjustable basket rotation speed

The COVM centrifuge is a single-shell vessel with adjustable basket rotation speed, manual lid adjustment, frequency converter for the centrifuge control, made entirely in EU out of stainless steel materil AISI 304.

Basket opening from below The centrifuge has a specially shaped basket that has the possibility of opening from below. It has a 3-point basket suspension system that handles the basket. The centrifuge is characterized by low vibration.


  • Lower substructure
  • Legs of centrifuge
  • Centrifuge springs
  • Draining nippel 2“
  • Container 540 liters
  • Container hatch
  • Container handles

Technical features:

  • Motor 5,5 kW
  • Belt drive
  • Basket - 200 liters - opening from below
  • Tightening nut
  • Closing mechanism
  • Hatch hinges