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professional cutter mixer
  • professional cutter mixer
  • professional cutter mixer
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  • food cutters mixers

Professional cutter mixer YZ 100, 120


100 and 120 liter cutter mixers  have been designed for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and test labs. For more information or different capacities, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com

Volume, l:

Professional cutters mixers for food industry

New models YZ 100 and 200 cutters mixers allow our customers to achieve more with less. Allowing our customers to process tremendous amount of products in one batch. It is labour and time saving, fast and convenient.

  • Heavy duty machine intended for industrial use
  • Cut, mix and homogenize
  • Interactive touch control panel
  • Full automatic operation

Automated Operation Experience

An in-built touch screen is present in the houmous machine makes each operation effortless. The timer, the variable speed function, the reverse revolving function, the cover and tilting mechanism controls are all integrated into the touch panel. 

Safety standards

Operator safety is at maximum. The Cutter Mixer machine does not start if it does not detect the bowl. Also, the electronic panel of pesto machine runs on a low voltage being complied with the international standards.

Technical features:

  • Capacity: 100 lt. / 120 lt.
  • Speed: 600-3000 rpm
  • Power: 15 kW/18.5 kW
  • w x l x h: 100 x 70 x 135 cm
  • Capacity/Batch: 75 kg
  • Capacity/Hour: 120 kg