Honey Tensometric Filling Machine AP

Normit AP tensometric filling machine is a weight-based system for filling honey into barrels. 

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AP filler is intended for dosing and packing the finished product (e.g. honey) in large industrial containers by weight principle. 

There is used a strain gauge weight system where dosing accuracy is about 0.5%. 

The AP-series fillers are usually installed in a set along with a container for processing honey. The filler consists of a working platform with a tensometric (weight-measuring) system, loading rollers, a dosing system based on an impeller pump, peristaltic pump, or piston pump, a piping and valving, and a control system.

honey dosing and filling machine

Working principle 

The operator brings an empty barrel with a forklift, sets it on the rollers for loading, and brings it to the working platform together with the pallet. The strain gauge is located under the working platform. At the operator’s command, the barrel will start to be filled by means of the pump, and as soon as the indicators reach the specified weight, the control system gives the command to turn off the pump.

Packaging honey evenly and keeping it in a liquid state is ensured by a continuously running circulation of honey through the collecting or processing vessel (homogenizer, dryer, etc.) and piping. Supplying honey to the filler begins when a discharge valve on the circulation piping opens.

A system for filtering honey can be installed in the piping if needed.

Advantages : 

  • Durable and reinforced construction.
  • Capable of filling different-volume containers with great accuracy.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • Can be manufactured with different types of pumps at the customer’s request.
  • System can be worked by a single operator.
  • This system for filling honey into bulk packaging can be equipped with conveyors for automatically supplying packaging when in automatic operation.
  • Multiple drum filling stations can be installed.

honey dosing machine honey filling machine

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