Vane Pump

These vane pumps are used for pumping high viscosity products such as syrups, honey, mayonnaise, sauces, cream and many other products. 

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These vane pumps are used for pumping high viscosity products.

Suitable products: pump for mayonnaise

  • syrups
  • honey
  • mayonnaise
  • sauces
  • cream
  • other products with similar consistency 

Universal use

A rotary vane pump is a positive-displacement pump that consists of vanes mounted to a rotor that rotates inside a cavity. While vane pumps can handle moderate viscosity liquids, they excel at handling low viscosity liquids as well.

Energy saving

A variable-displacement vane pump is used as an energy-savings device and has been used in many applications.

Clever design

One of the major advantages of the vane pump is that the design readily lends itself to become a variable-displacement pump, rather than a fixed-displacement pump.


  • Handles thin liquids at relatively higher pressures
  • Compensates for wear through vane extension
  • Can run dry for short periods
  • Develops good vacuum

Technical features:

  • Motor 2,2 kW
  • The maximum temperature 130 ˚C
  • RPM - 900



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