Hot cooking oil pump for fryer
  • Hot cooking oil pump for fryer
  • Hot cooking oil pump for fryer
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  • Fried chicken

    Hot cooking oil pump for fryer

    Designed for pumping hot thermal oil in frying circulation and filtration systems, for oil loading and unloading, in "hot" continuous oil filtration systems with a maximum temperature of up to 200 degrees.

    More information:

    A special pump for hot oil is unique in that it does not have a mechanical seal, therefore it technically allows pumping various liquids with a high temperature. It can be used for pumping vegetable oils, frying oils and fats used for frying food at food production enterprises producing various semi-finished products: pasties, dumplings, vegetables, meatballs, burgers and much more.


    For every professional fryer, it is necessary to periodically filter the oil to extend the life of the oil. There are deep fryers that have a built-in filtration system. With many types of fryers, filtration is an additional solution. There are usually two types of filtration, the so-called "hot" and "cold" filtration, this is due to the temperature regime of the system. In production, every minute is precious, so it is more profitable to filter the oil, either during work - frying, or immediately after it, when the oil, as a rule, has an operating temperature of over 150 degrees.


    It is for such systems that a special pump for hot oil is provided, which allows filtering hot oil both during operation and immediately after its completion, without waiting for it to cool.



    - the ability to use and filter the oil during frying

    - can be used for watering system, "showering" with hot oil, frying the product in a thin layer of oil

    - for pumping oil from deep fryer / into deep fryer



    - completely made of AISI 304 food grade stainless steel

    - equipped with a fixation for easy installation in the tank

    - long service life without the need to replace consumable spare parts


    Technical specifications:

    Productivity - up to 3.6 m3/h

    Installed power - 0.55 kW