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vegetable cutter
  • vegetable cutter
  • vegetable cutter
  • vegetable cutting machine
  • vegetable cutting machine

Vegetable cutting machine Easy Cut


Vegetable cutter with adjustable cutting thickness, blades very easy to replace which makes them cost-effective. For more information, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com 

Professional vegetable cutting machine made in EU

Vegetable cutter has replacable cutting discs

Vegetable cutter Normit EasyCut is designed for cutting various types of vegetables and fruits. Cutting thickness is adjustable and depends on the type of disc used. Cutting machine is designed for slicing, shredding and grating.

Which products can be cut with a vegetable cutter:

  • vegetable
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • beet
  • radish
  • parsley

High quality blades

Blades are made in our factory, using high-quality materials, they stay sharper for longer period of time and are affordable. They are also very easy to replace which makes them cost-effective.

Advantages of a vegetable cutter:

  • Enhances cut quality: cutter delivers constant, enhanced quality of cutting. The cutting head distributes precise shreds.
  • Enhanced food safety: Thanks to the extraordinary sanitary design, the cutting head is very easy to clean.

Technical features of a vegetable cutter:

  • Productivity up to 500 kg / hour
  • Cutting angle 30 °
  • Thickness of the products after cutting 1.0 mm or 2.0 mm – depending on the disc ordered
  • Vegetables are cut to natural diameter max 100 mm
  • Material: AISI304

How vegetable cutter works

In the cutting chamber of the cutter, the rotor is in the shape of a disc. The disc is equipped with two knives that are at an angle to each other. The vegetables fall between the rotating knives, where they move through the walls of the chamber thanks to the centrifugal force, they get gradually cut and moved to the exit.