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Mixing Tank With Heating And Cooling
  • Mixing Tank With Heating And Cooling
  • Mixing Tank With Heating And Cooling

Mixing Tank With Heating And Cooling

New product

Atmospheric mixing tank with a duplicator for heating/cooling is designed for preparing, mixing and storing of liquid, gel products. 

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Working volume up to, l :

Atmospheric tanks with stirrer are designed for preparing liquid and gel products using a mixing system, not requiring evacuation to de-air the mass.

At the customer's request it can be completed with a dispersing straight-through type for product circulation and simultaneous dispersion.

Advantages: vessel for gel products

  • Frame mixer with scrapers 60 - 100 rpm
  • Heating-cooling jacket with ports for connecting to the coolant (steam / water)
  • Product and heat carrier temperature sensors
  • Washing heads
  • Internal surface polishing to Ra <0.4 μm
  • Adjustable feet
  • Control system

Construction features:

frame stirrer in mixing tank

  • As a standard these tanks are equipped with a frame mixer. Optional the frame mixing device can be replaced with a high-speed stirrer of other types, such as: blade, turbine or screw (depending on the volume, similar mixing devices can be multi-tiered).
  • There are two variants of vessel’s lid: conical or flat. You can choose the lid according to your wishes and requirements to the structure. 
  • The bottom of the tank can be of three types: flat inclined, conical or torispherical. The bottom shape primarily depends on the purpose of the tank and product properties.
  • In the basic version, the inner surface of atmospheric mixers polished, welded seams cleaned and pickled.  Optionally, the inner surface of the mixer can be polished to Ra <0.4 μm if there are strict requirements that happens primarily in cosmetic industry.

All the vessels of this type are equipped with a heating / cooling jacket.

Water, oil or steam can be used as a heat carrier. The mixer is equipped with two temperature sensors: in the flask small mixing tankto control the temperature of the product and in the jacket to control the temperature of the heat carrier. An electronically controlled valve is installed at the entrance to the jacket and, according to the readings of both sensors, is serves to supply the coolant to the jacket.

At the request of the customer, electric heaters can also be installed in the jacket. In this case, the heating system is completely closed and all that is needed is periodic replenishment of the jacket with coolant. For this, a coolant level sensor is installed in the system. To prevent heat loss, the flask and the bottom of the vessel have an insulating layer of at least 50 mm. On top of the insulating layer there is a sheathing with a thickness of 1 ... 1.5 mm.

The tank can be installed on adjustable tubular supports for floor installation or feet for installation on a service platform.