Cheese kettle SP Profi
  • Cheese kettle SP Profi
  • Cheese kettle SP Profi
Cheese kettle SP Profi

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Working volume up to, l

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Cheese kettle SP PROFI is used in the dairy industry in the production of cheese / cheese grains and the production of natural hard, semi-hard, soft cheese and curd, in the processing of milk and milk products.

Example applications:

  • cheese production
  • pasteurization of milk
  • acidophilic milk

It combines processes, such as mixing, pasteurization, heating and cooling. The round cheese vat is equipped with a planetary stirrer (harp). Thanks to the fast rotating blades it is easy to stir the product.

The product is heated by a heating circuit. The cooling circuit provides cooling of products by means of running water or cooling unit - chiller. Kettle is equipped with a temperature sensor.

This model is suitable for small and large facilities, agricultural industry, as well as experimental centers.


  • duplicator for heating/ cooling
  • electric heating
  • steam generator


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