Vacuum cooker VE 100
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Vacuum cooker VE 100

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Vacuum cooker VE 100

Cooking under vacuum allows you to cook with lower temperature which guarantees healthier products that retain its nutritions and flavour.

Vacuum cooker VE 100 is a hermetic, three-layer cylindrical shape, which consists of an inner vessel with a stirrer and an outer steam jacket with thermal insulation located at the bottom of the device. Vacuum cooker VE 100 is used for cooking under vacuum and production of jams, sauces, fruit, vegetable puree, marinades and many others.

What can be cooked in Vacuum cooker VE 100: 

  • making jam, marmalade Vacuum cooker VE 100
  • the production of tomato puree
  • cooking various sauces
  • canned vegetables,
  • fillings for marinades
  • vegetable and fruit juices
  • dairy industry

Ongoing processes on Vacuum cooker VE 100:

Cooking, boiling and steaming fruit and vegetable masses, boiling raw materials at temperature exposure and mixing. The vacuum is formed inside the machine by means of a vacuum pump.

Universal use in many industries

Vacuum cooker VE 100 is intended for use in sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics, etc. The vacuum cooker may be equipped with a hopper and inlet shafts. There is a drain on the bottom of the product that removes the product.

How vacuum cooker works:

The product is heated with a steam jacket, which is equipped with a manometer and a safety valve. Due to the vacuum in working capacity, the boiling point of water decreases. Depending on the technology, the boiling point in the vacuum may drop from 93 to 60 ° C. The condensate is drained through the pipeline located at the lower part of the bottom. If necessary, the apparatus is equipped with a sampling device. The vacuum cooker is operated by an electronic control panel that includes installation, a vacuum pump and the speed of the agitator.

Advantages of vacuum cooker:

  • Low electricity costs
  • Low maintenance
  • High performance
  • High reliability
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • High safety
  • It is possible to set modes for different products

What are the benefits of vacuum cooking?

The vacuum cooking technique can be used for any food product, which is cooked in a hermetically sealed environment and in its own juices, which preserves its natural flavor. It also greatly reduces loss of weight and volume, helps to keep aromas fresh and lengthens the shelf life of the food. This has many logistical advantages (storage, simplified service, planning) as food can be prepared several days before serving.

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