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Evaporator vacuum SweetStuff 200

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Evaporator for Turkish Delight refers to vacuumevaporation equipment of periodic action with electric heating for processing (mixing, dissolving, boiling, boiling, concentrating) products of different viscosity, equipped with a built-in condenser, a special form agitator, a discharge device and an additional condensate collection tank. The equipment is intended for use in the food industry.

The mixing device is an enhanced agitator developed specifically to mix high-viscosity products that tend to stick. The stirrer is double-sided and is supplied with a teflon scraper. It mixes the product in the cooking process and when switched to reverse rotation, it helps to unload the finished product.


  • High evaporation efficiency.
  • Product cooking takes a minimum amount of time.
  • The machine is compact and occupies a minimum of space.
  • Ability to choose the desired temperature - Evaporation process starts at 40 ° C, it is possible to evaporate even at temperatures up to 115 ° C when caramelization of the product is required.
  • Ability to work with a viscous product.
  • Even mixing, heat treatment, and simpleunloading.

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