Boiling pan - square cooking tank GHE

The GHE boiler can be used in butchery, smokestack, fruit preserving, etc. It is used for cooking soups, sauces, meat, pasta, dairy meals without the risk of burning, for stewing fish, vegetables, mushrooms, for heating frozen meals or semi-finished products. For more information on the device, please contact the sales department of

Volume, l

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The boiling pan consist of a stainless steel duplicator and a self-supporting frame. The duplicator consists of a pressed top plate, a pressed tank bottom, an inner and an outer wall. Indirect heating is designed for fast cooking and maintaining the temperature.

Cooking with a duplicator ensures even heating, food does not burn through - cooking procedures are in accordance with ecological food processing. The contents of the cooking vessel are heated by the steam generated in the duplicator. The boiler's cooking vessel is square, thus enabling cooking, stewing and heating using vessels according to the Gastro - norm size range. (up to container dimensions 300 L)

The device is equipped with height-adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors. The control panel of the device is very easy to use.

The boiler is equipped with a safety valve that protects it from excessive overpressure and at the same time ensures valve deaeration before the start of cooking and its re-aeration after cooking. A part of this valve is also a hand manometer, which allows at the same time checking the pressure in the duplicator.

Model GHE 100  GHE 150 GHE 200 GHE 300 GHE 400 GHE 500
Volume, L 100 150 200 300 400 500
External dimensions, mm 900x900x900 900x900x900 1400x900x900 1400x900x900 1400x900x900 1800x900x900
Weight, kg 140 140 185 195 255 285
3 input position 12 kW 18 kW 24 kW 30 kW 36 kW 42 kW
heating time, minute 60 60 60 60 90 70