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Electric thermal oil jacketed cooker STM


Cooker for preparing syrups, making caramel, sugaring paste and processing and production of various thick and viscous products.

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The syrup cooker is intended for the preparation of sugar syrup, invert syrup, dissolution of returnable waste and other products based on sugar, honey, syrups and other sweet ingredients. The syrup cooker is used in confectionery, dairy, fruit and vegetable and other industries. Syrup preparation is one of the mandatory processes for the production of condensed milk. The process of preparing syrup in a syrup cooker can be fully automated.

With the help of this kettle, you can prepare various types of sugar syrups - saturated, supersaturated or inverted.


Saturated sugar syrup is a syrup that contains the maximum possible amount of sugar dissolved in water at a certain temperature. Typically, this syrup is used to make sweets, drinks, and other foods.


To produce a saturated solution, sugar is dissolved in hot water until more sugar can be dissolved in a given amount of water at a given temperature. Once the syrup is saturated, it can be used to make various products such as candy, ice cream, cakes, pies, cookies, cakes, juices, drinks.


In practice, saturated sugar syrup may have a different concentration of sugar depending on the needs of the production and formulation. Typically, a saturated syrup contains about 2/3 sugar and 1/3 water, although the concentration may be higher or lower depending on the specific task. The mass of sucrose dissolved in water is measured using the Brix scale.


Supersaturated sugar syrup is syrup that contains more sugar than the maximum amount of sugar dissolved in a given amount of water at a certain temperature. This means that a supersaturated sugar syrup is in a state where no more sugar can be dissolved in a given amount of water under given conditions, and any additional sugar will not dissolve and will precipitate into a crystalline form.


Supersaturated sugar syrup can be obtained, for example, by heating the syrup to a high temperature or by adding a large amount of sugar to the syrup. It can be used in cooking for preparing various sweets and confectionery products, such as caramel, sweets, syrups, icing, gingerbread, fruit glazing, cake decoration.


Invert sugar syrup is a syrup that contains glucose and fructose obtained by hydrolysis (breakdown) of sucrose, the main constituent of regular sugar. During the hydrolysis of sucrose, the bond between glucose and fructose, forming sucrose, is broken, and glucose and fructose molecules are formed, which then dissolve in water, forming an invert sugar syrup.

Invert sugar syrup has properties different from regular sugar. It is sweeter, less prone to crystallization and has a higher viscosity. This makes it an ideal ingredient for use in a variety of food products such as creams and mousses, marshmallows and marmalades, nougat and fondants, meringues, breads and muffins, cake ganache, artificial honey, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.




·             Sugar syrup

·             Sweetened condensed milk

·             Sweetened condensed cream

·             Caramel

·             Glaze

·             Mousses

·             Lemonades, compotes

·             Jam

·             Juices

·             Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

·             Fondants

·             Zephyr

·             Pastila

·             Marmalade

·             Bread and bakery products (muffins)

·             Paste for sugaring

·             Confectionery creams

·             Sauces, etc.



Basic version


The working tank is a food atmospheric kettle with a conical bottom, immersed in a “jacket” for heating on thermal oil, in which heating elements are installed, equipped with an electric frame anchor agitator, a safety grill and a safety sensor installed on the hatch cover.


It can be retrofitted with an external forced circulation circuit, a pump for hot, thick and viscous products and a stainless steel flow filter.


Available in 200, 300 or 500 liter working capacity models. The working container is made entirely of food grade stainless steel, including external decorative casings.


Operating principle


The following technological operations can be carried out in the boiler:

Heating, dissolving, boiling, boiling down and concentrating solutions at atmospheric pressure

Ingredients can be loaded through the safety grate of the upper hatch of the unit.


The mixture of sugar, water and additional ingredients is heated and as the water evaporates it turns into a thick, flavorful syrup of an appetizing yellow-brown color.


Mixing is carried out using a special anchor mixing device, which helps to evenly distribute dry ingredients in the working fluid, helps to distribute heat in the product. It is important to correctly set the required temperature and mixing speed so that the syrup is homogeneous and without lumps.




• Made of food grade stainless steel

• Allows you to heat the product to high temperatures - up to 200 degrees C.

• Anchor mixer




- External circulation circuit with mechanical valves and pump for viscous products.

- Stainless steel flow filter