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drum dryer for salt
  • drum dryer for salt
  • drum dryer for salt

Rotary Drum Dryer ABM


Convective rotary drum dryer for drying granular, loose, pasty materials. So it can be used for salt, coffee, powder, grain, nut/seed/fruit/vegetable bagasses, and other products. For more information, email us at sales@foodtechprocess.com

Drum dimensions (diameter x length):

Convective rotary drum dryer for grain 

The product falls into a tumble dryer through a small hopper, and hot air is injected directly into the drum. The dryer principle is simple and efficient. By rotating the drum, the product swells in the drum. By airflow and rotation of the drum the material is gradually dried.  

Dryer with a convective drying method is a convection device for drying air-dried materials under the influence of drum rotation and hot airflow.

Dryers are designed for dry bulk materials, can be used for continuous or discontinuous operation. 

Main components of the rotary drum dryer:

  • rotary drum for drying,
  • hot air generator.

The unique feature of the machine is that it can be used for producing healthy plant products such as :

  • sunflower seed flour 
  • pumpkin seed flour
  • nut flour, e.g. from peanut, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio, etc.
  • chia seed flour
  • flaxseed flour
  • poppy seed flour
  • soy flourplant flour
  • rice flour
  • oat flour and others

Widely used in:

  • food
  • agriculture
  • chemical
  • construction
  • and other industrial fields.

Products dried in a convective rotary dryer:

  • salt
  • coffee
  • grain
  • seaweed
  • nut bagasse
  • seeds
  • seed bagasse
  • fruit bagasse
  • vegetable bagasse
  • starch
  • clay
  • powder products and others 

Technical details: 

convective rotary drum dryer