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grain cleaner machine
  • grain cleaner machine
  • grain cleaner machine
  • grain washing, hulling and separating machine
  • grain washing, hulling and separating machine

Grain washing, hulling and separating machine DR


Wheat washer, huller and separator is preparing grain for milling. Price depends on your production. For more information, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com 

Wetting and washing grain is a process done to prepare it for milling. When wetting is carried out, psychobiological processes changes take place in the grain, which simplifies the separation of the skins from the grain with slight losses of endosperm( inner part of the seed); during washing, the surface of the grain is cleaned, heavy and light impurities, peels and microorganisms are removed.

In combined washing devices, water is used to separate impurities that are difficult to remove in a dry grain cleaning process. The basis of hydro separation is the determined difference between the rate of grain and impurities in the water. decline.

The construction of the equipment was constructed in cooperation with the leading engineers of bakery companies. They consider and corrected all the disadvantages of the grain washers that were still on the market. The grain at the outlet of the device has a minimum level of moisture because the grain practically does not have time to get wet. Usually, no drying is required. The centrifugal device is located at the top of the drum.

Technical features

  • Drive screw conveyors on a separate frame
  • Sand and stone removal system
  • Screw conveyors for product and sand
  • Ejection chamber
  • The system for dewatering and removal of foam, dirty water
  • Water level regulator
  • Filter
  • Ejectors with pipelines supplying a water product mixture to the separation column
  • Rotor - stator separation column
  • Separation column drive
  • Separated water outlet system for circulation
  • Centrifugal product discharge system
  • Adjustable feet
  • Shut off valves.

Principle of operation

The grain is fed into screw conveyors in different places, depending on the presence and amount of unwanted impurities - such as small stones, sand, metal particles. If there is a lot of such impurities, the grain is placed in the starting section. If no such impurities are present, the grain can be placed directly in the ejector zone, which guarantees the best indicators of grain dryness. The skins, light dirt, and dust remain on the surface and partially dissolve.

The peels are caught by a filter that is easy to clean without having to stop the machine. The mud creates a foam that effectively gets rid of the defoaming system, which is flexibly adjusted to achieve the optimal result.

The grain at the exit is

  • Clean
  • Dry
  • Undamaged

The approximate capacity of the plant is about 1500 kg / h, but with considerable contamination, productivity decreases

Technical features and benefits:

  • Without shaft seals, which often loosen and need to be replaced, they cause leaks.
  • Adjustable tools for highly efficient grain processing of any degree of contamination.
  • Effective defoaming system
  • Adjustable water level
  • The device is equipped with filter
  • An optional circulating water recirculation system is available, which provides very significant savings in operation.
  • The device is equipped with a highly efficient washing separation column system.
  • The construction is made entirely of stainless steel, which guarantees long life.
  • And many other improvements