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Vacuum evaporator VE 100

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Vacuum evaporating machine used in food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry

Vacuum evaporator is a circulation device of the cylindrical shape formed during the mixing, dissolution, evaporation and concentration of mineral and organic acids, polyhydric alcohol, further during the cooking processes and the concentration of products with different viscosities. It is used for cooking and evaporating fruits and vegetables at boiling point and mixing. 

What is vacuum evaporation ?

Evaporation is a condensation of solid non-volatile solutions, the solvent leaks out in the form of a vapor, and the dissolved substance remains in a thickened solution (chemical technology, pharmaceuticals, artificial fibers, cellulose, dairy, sugar, ...). Evaporation usually takes place at the boiling point of the solution under a constant heat supply. Evaporation at a temperature below the boiling point (eg salt recovery from sea water).

The device is intended for use in sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics, etc. The evaporator may be equipped with a hopper and inlet shafts. There is a drain on the bottom of the product that removes the product.

The vacuum is formed inside the machine by means of a vacuum pump. The device is equipped with a special mixer, condenser and condensate collector.

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