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Volumetric filler TEPF

TEPF is a pneumatic dispenser for dosing several kind of products. The machine allows the filling of food, chemical, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical products into diverse type of bottles and jars.

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Volumetric professional filling machine for jars and small bottles

This filling machine can even fill high density products as well as products with particles in them. Our dispensing machines are designed with extreme care, and can operate without interruptions.

volumetric filler for jars and bottles

The machine doses from 200 up to 5000 ml per bottle. The volumetric filler works based on compressed air and does not need electricity or external pumps to aspire the product.

The quantity of the product to be dispensed is filled with constant precision. The dripless valves and dispensing spouts prevent dripping, even with viscous products such as honey, meat sauce, or glue.

The volumetric filler has two modes of operation:

Automatic: automatic product output at regular intervals

Manual: the product is dosed by pressing a pedal controlled by the operator.

You can adjust the pressure, delivery speed, and the suction speed. Easy to assemble, no need for extra tools, easy to clean, maximum precision.

Depending on the viscosity and type of product to be filled, Volumetric filling machine can be customized with a wide range of components:

  • Valves for dosing liquid products (water, essential oils, alcoholic and liquid solutions in general)
  • Valves for dosing dense products, even with suspended pieces (sauces, creams, jam)
  • Shut-off valves for dosing hot-tacked products (honey, glue, and similar products
  • Dispensing nozzles for liquid or dense products, with or without anti-drip system
  • Product feeding hoppers, with or without integrated automatic mixing and heating systems

Furthermore, the machine is available in bench-top version or on the wheels in order to be easily connected to a storage tank. All parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316. For this reason Dosamatic Plus can be used in any sector: may this be the food or chemical industry.

Maximum precision of a volumetric filler

The quantity of product is dosed with constant precision. The shut-off valves and dispensing spouts prevent dripping, even with very viscous products such as honey, meat sauce or glue.

Why is volumetric filler easy to use

Filling machine has two modes of operation:

  • automatic: the product is emitted at regular intervals
  • manual: the product is dosed after prssing a pedal controlled by the operator

What can be regulated

  • pressure
  • delivery speed
  • suction speed
  • manual or automatic operation

Filling machine made in EU out of high quality materials

All the parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316. For this reason TEPF filler can operate in any sector, be the food or the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

Dispensable doses   200 to 5000 ml


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