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Continuous electric donut fryer
Continuous electric donut fryer
Continuous electric donut fryer

Continuous electric donut fryer


A donut fryer is special designed for small confectionery shops, industries and catering establishments. It is capable of frying of various products similar to donuts.

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The compact CATF-D continuous table fryer is for perfect donuts!

We offer a compact version of a continuous deep fryer, designed specifically for small confectionery shops, industries, catering establishments, which allows, due to a wide hourly processing time range, to fry various bakery products.

Can be used for frying mixed and yeast products*:

- donuts and donuts of various shapes

- Cake Doughnuts

- Berliners

- Beignet

- Doughnut Holes

- Jelly Doughnut

- Churros

- Cruller

- Fritters

- Malasadas

- Long John

- Twists

- Zeppole

and much more!

The donut fryer is equipped with a special donut split-row conveyor (4 donuts in a row) for up to 40 items *. In the central part there is a special paddle - an inverting device for uniform frying of the product on each side.

The basic version include working container (bath), in which special conveyor with guide rollers is installed to move the products during processing. The donut fryer is equipped with heating elements immersed in oil, with an installed power of 12 kW, and a hinged lid is located above the frying working area to reduce heat loss and safe equipment maintenance. The unit is completely made of AISI304 stainless steel. The donut fryer is equipped with adjustable feet.

This model of continuous fryer is equipped with a special lifting system for easy cleaning and washing of equipment. The lifting device allows using two handles to lift the conveyor along with the heating elements on one side and fix it with two clamps located on the side of the control panel. This greatly facilitates the maintenance of the conveyor fryer, and allows to clean donut fryer very quick and easy.

A feature of this model is a wide range of roasting hours from a few seconds to an hour! This makes it possible to fry various types and versions of donuts or other products *.

Loading is carried out directly into the working container through the loading tray, unloading is carried out using a conveyor


- fast and highly efficient heating which minimizes oil carbonation,

- the possibility of individual thermoregulation of each heating element 

- protection against overheating - the presence of a safety system on each heating element

- lifting conveyor

- wide hour frying range

- wide range of frying products

The basic version of the donut deep fryer can be 

equipped with various additional options:

- a table for laying out products before frying

- a special automatic dispenser for molding dough pieces

- thermal insulating top cover of the deep fryer

- automatic oil supply control system

- oil filtration system

-  frame construction with additional working surface

- control panel based on PLC controller

And many others!

* The maximum row size for a product is up to 95 mm.