deep fat fryer
  • deep fat fryer
Industrial continuous deep fryer VA 1

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The continuous industrial fryer with immersion frying system.

Continuous industrial fryer with oil filtration system

Continuous industrial fryer for frying delicate products or bulk products such as vegetables nuts and many others. With oil filtration system. The oil remains in the lower tank isolated from air and light. Pumping system for transfering of oil from the lower tank to the upper tank.

deep fat fryer

Filtration system

Using our filtration system up to 70 microns, your oil will last twice as unfiltered. It´s a big saving.


Easy cleaning

Easy disassembly of all components without tools. Free access to the bottom of the tank. Components are washable with hose. Drain with hose connection. The fryer is mobile, comes with wheels .

Conveyor belt and resistances´opening, for better Access to the fund and make cleaning easy.

VA 1-3.png

Background bucket in V, make cleaning easy and better grounds evacuation.

Security system

  • Fire prevention system. The resistors cannot be turned on without being covered by a fluid.
  • Power cut system when trying to raise the resistors, prevents the resistors from working out of a fluid and avoids a possible cause of fire.
  • Oil non-overflowing system. The fryer´s oil can´t overflow and cause an accident to the operator for burns or slips.
  • Safety thermostat, allows the electric current to be cut when the oil exceeds 220 ° C.

Healthier frying

Constant temperature. These fryers are frying at lower temperature. Anti overflow oil system prevents hot oil from leaving the fryer. Conveyor belt for the product transporting with double submerged belt. Included is control panel with temperature regulation, belt speed regulation and frying time.


  • The product slowly and steadily enters the fryer
  • The temperature remains stable
  • Uniform heating
  • More efficient heat transmission
  • Energy saving

Automated process:

  • Greater safety for the operator
  • Reduction of burn accidents
  • Automatic filling with pump
  • Cold waste zone
  • Filtration
  • Maintains the oil level
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