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Honey dehumidifier


We offer different types of honey dryers with capacity from 50 kg up to 1000 kg. For a price quote or for a free consultation, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com 

Batch load, kg:

Honey dryer with single discs in stainless steel AISI 304.

The inside discs move very slowly to allow the honey to be dried without being spoiled.

The drying process takes place in an air-lock tank, in order to preserve all the aromas and fragrances of the honey.

Our dryers, contrary to others on the market, have a particular drying system in a “closed loop”. The air isn’t sucked from outside, but we use the air inside the tank in this way the honey isn’t spoiled by any smells or elements present in the outside environment and none of the honey feature gets lost.

honeyThe aroma of the honey is 100% preserved.

The machine is complete of heating system that allows the operator to process the honey at 35 °C and of specific incorporated system to extract the humidity.

Machine supplied with tank in stainless steel AISI 304 with automatic system to turn off the machine once the dryer has reached the desired percentage of humidity.

Engine with fixed turns 1 rpm, control panel with digital thermostat.

The dryer can extract up to 2% humidity in 8 hrs of work (in many cases the machine can be even faster).


The smaller models (50-100-200-300 kg) have a flat lid.

The bigger models (600 kg -1000 kg) have a round lid.

Honey dryer -features:

  • Dryer with wheels
  • double wall
  • easy thorough switchboard
  • with heating
  • fitted with a stainless steel vessel for collecting moisture.
  • honey flavour and aroma are maintained, as the dryer is fitted with a sealing cover
  • reducing moisture between 1-2% in 8 working hours.