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Vacuum honey dryer VHD50
Vacuum honey dryer VHD
Honey processing
Vacuum honey dryer VHD
Vacuum honey dryer VHD50
Vacuum honey dryer VHD
Honey processing
Vacuum honey dryer VHD
Vacuum honey dryer VHD50

Vacuum honey dryer VHD


The price is indicated without a source of compressed air - compressor (optional).

An atmospheric dryer is a periodic type of equipment designed for removing moisture and excess water from honey under vacuum conditions. This laboratory installation can also be used for processing small volumes of honey directly in apiaries.

  • Large heat transfer area
  • Low drying temperature thanks to the vacuum
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • External forced circulation circuit for intense evaporation

A vacuum dehydrator is utilized for rapid and low-temperature drying of honey in a thin layer under vacuum conditions. The application of a vacuum reduces the boiling point of water: the deeper the vacuum, the lower the boiling point.

Vacuum drying is not limited to honey; it is also suitable for other thick and viscous, heat-sensitive products that might undergo structural changes or collapse at elevated temperatures.


  • Fast drying. Due to the external circulation circuit with a pump, the product moves cyclically within the system, which increases the intensity of water evaporation.
  • Drying honey in a thin layer: the product is fed from above into the working chamber under a vacuum, where through a special system it spreads out in thin layers along the walls of the container.
  • Large heat transfer area due to the open “jacket” system with a vacuum container immersed inside.
  • Built-in heating system with thermostats for heating the coolant; the boiling point of water inside the honey depends on the depth of the vacuum; it is not recommended to heat honey to temperatures above 39 degrees!

Basic version

It consists of a working vacuum vessel with a “jacket”, a built-in heating system, a circulation system pump, and a vacuum generator. A special feature of the dryer is the special disk located in the upper part of the working chamber, which allows the honey to spread out in a thin layer through some special spiral holes that divide the flow of honey into thin streams, thereby creating a large drying area for the flowing honey.

Technical requirements

For proper operation of the installation, it is necessary to connect a source of compressed air with a pressure of 6-10 Bar to the vacuum generator


  • "Quiet" compressor

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Principle of operation: Batch mode
  • Country of origin: Slovakia
  • Volume: 100 - 140 kg
  • Total power, kW: 6,5
  • Voltage: 220-230V 380-400V
  • Max vacuum: -0,8 Bar