Vacuum honey dryer
  • Vacuum honey dryer
  • Vacuum honey dryer

    Vacuum honey dryer VHD50

    Vacuum honey dryer VHD 50 belongs to the batch equipment for moisture removal, removal of excess water in honey.

    It is a vacuum vessel with a heating "jacket", an external circulation circuit with a pump and a vacuum system.




    Fast drying

    Drying in a „thin layer“

    Large heat transfer area

    Simple control 


    A special feature of the dryer is a special disk located in the upper part of the vessel, through which honey spreads in a thin layer through special spiral holes that divide the honey flow into thin jets, thereby creating a high area for drying honey in the flow.



    Heating is provided by heating elements with a thermostat. The maximum heating temperature of honey should not be higher than 40 degrees!



    Technical specifications:

    Geometric volume, L - 50

    Heating power, kW - 6

    Product pump power, kW - 0,37

    For generate vacuum, it is necessary to have a source of compressed air with a min. pressure of 6-10 bar