Batch blancher Double BP 400 (200х2)

Geometrical volume 400 l.

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With bath blancher BP you can blanch lumpy products such as vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and more.

Heating system & temperature

The water is heated with the heating elements, place the product in the basket and heat to the desired temperature. The temperature control is fully automatic. The system turns off automatically, when the set temperature is reached. Operation is manual

batch blancher

Main components of the equipment

• heating elements

• thermometer probe

• water level switch


• Requires minimal maintenance

• Automatic temperature control

• Equipped with electric crane for moving baskets

• Easy to clean design

• Automatic heat control

• The maximum heating temperature is 90⁰С

Technical details

Material: AISI 304

Number of baths: 2

Bath geometric volume: 200 liters

Number of baskets: 6 pcs

Electric demands: 18 kW, 400 V, 32 A

Thermometer: 1 pcs included

Dimensions: 2500*1000*2000mm

Weight: 300 kg


• Additional baskets

• Automatic heating temperature control

• Automatic level control

• Baths heating separately

• Side tables on both sides

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