Chiller water 300
  • Chiller water 300
  • Chiller water 300

    Chiller water 300

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    A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid through vapor compression and absorption in a cyclic manner.

    The under-counter beverages cooler CWP is a professional device that not only stands out due to its design and high-quality workmanship but also impresses with its innovative arrangement of the cooling unit and its high performance, ergonomic design, compactness.


    The cooler needs a small space and its compact size enables easy installation.

    The design of the cooler is an absolute novelty in this category of beverage coolers.

    The modern compressor uses the power input for the direct transfer to cooling, thus minimum energy consumption is guaranteed.

    The excellent and even cooling of the beverage is guaranteed without temperature shock in spite of the length of the stainless steel coil.

    Perfectly chilled beverages will be ready within 8-10 minutes after switching on the device. The temperature is controlled instantly and continuously by the temperature controller.

    The cooling device is equipped with an agitator pump to provide additional cooling of the beverage, which means that the drink is perfectly cooled right through to the tap.

    The modern cooling technology guarantees simplicity and reduces the time demanded maintenance and servicing. All the used materials meet the highest hygiene standards and guarantee a smooth, quiet operation and long service life of the device.

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