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Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer - cutter
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer - cutter
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650
Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650

Vacuum mixer MakVacMix 350-650

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Multifunctional vacuum mixer/homogenizer for grinding, mixing, and homogenizing products to obtain homogeneous masses.

  • Built-in jacket for the bottom and walls of the unit.
  • Cutter knives with a powerful electric drive
  • Slanted design for efficient mixing and chopping
  • Forced circulation circuit (optional)
  • Wide range of options

A unique feature of the system is the ability to replace the cutter knives installed in the lower part of the inclined reactor with a bottom homogenizer of the Ultra Shear type, enabling the creation of stable emulsions on a water-fat base.

A multifunctional vacuum mixer is often utilized for grinding, mixing and homogenizing, to obtain homogeneous masses of various products, it can be used for products such as:

  • hummus
  • cosmetic products
  • baby food
  • sauces/ketchup
  • puree
  • dental gels
  • vegetable and fruit pastes
  • mayonnaise


  • The vacuum reactor allows for thermal processing under vacuum conditions, which is important for the production of heat-sensitive products that lose their nutritional value at higher temperatures.
  • Depending on the vacuum source which is available as an option, it is also possible to vacuum cool or vacuum the product to reduce pathogens in air bubbles created when chopping or beating the product.
  • The vacuum also serves to maintain the sterility of processing procedures, reducing the potential for contamination. This is highly important both in the production of food items and in the manufacturing of toothpaste, gels, and creams.
  • Mixing is 20% more efficient thanks to the inclined design of the structure. The cutter knives are installed at the lowest hydraulic point, ensuring high-quality product grinding. The mixing device and cutter knives facilitate "internal" circulation of the product, thereby achieving high product homogeneity.
  • The mixer can be retrofitted with an external forced circulation circuit to increase the intensity of heat transfer, the pump of which also facilitates quick and convenient unloading of the product from the installation.


  • grinding
  • mixing
  • stirring
  • mixing under vacuum
  • vacuuming
  • homogenization

Basic version

The basic version comprises an inclined vacuum reactor with a jacket for the coolant (heating or cooling medium supplied from an external source). In the initial version, it is equipped with cutter knives and a mixing device. As a vacuum source, the basic version uses an ejector powered by compressed air from an external source (the compressor is not included in the delivery). Product loading can be done through the top hatch of the unit or, optionally, using a pump through the outlet valve. The maximum vacuum depth is 0.8 Bar. In the basic version, the vacuum is not adjustable; as an option, a vacuum gauge can be installed to monitor and maintain the specified vacuum depth. The basic control version includes a thermal controller with a temperature sensor in the product and a controlled coolant supply valve. Frequency converters for cutter knives and the mixing device allow for the adjustment of the operating speed.

The coolant (water, steam) can be supplied into the installation's jacket. For certain coolants, the pressure at the entrance to the jacket can reach a maximum of 0.5 Bar; it is advisable to install a pressure reducer.


  • Vacuum oil pump - recommended for creating a deep vacuum and vacuum cooling (to use the vacuum cooling function, it is recommended to select an additional option - a system for removing and condensing secondary steam).
  • Water ring vacuum pump - recommended for quickly creating a vacuum, it requires a cold water supply (cold water connection) to operate.
  • External forced circulation circuit with a self-priming pump for convenient and quick product unloading.
  • Ultra Shear homogenizer - a kit for replacing cutter knives.
  • Maintaining and adjusting the vacuum.
  • A System for the removal and condensation of secondary steam.
  • Sources of coolants (hot water supply, ice water stations).
  • A system of cones with pipelines as well as control and shut-off valves.
  • Automatic component dosing system based on a touch screen controller.
  • Vacuum loading through a specialized pipe with a hose for vacuum filling of the container through the bottom valve to the level of the working fluid.
  • Quiet compressor for compressed air at 6-10 Bar.
  • CIP heads (nozzles) for washing are made out of food-grade stainless steel; as an additional option, rotary nozzles can be ordered to cover all surfaces of the container, including the opening hatch of the equipment.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Principle of operation: Batch mode
  • Country of origin: Slovakia
  • Volume: 350l/ 650l
  • Total power, kW: 13/ 17
  • Voltage: 380-400V
  • Max vacuum: -0,8 Bar