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Continuous belt filter for frying oil
Continuous belt filter for frying oil
Continuous belt filter for frying oil

Continuous automatic frying oil filter

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A filter designed for continuous fine filtration of conveyor fryers using vegetable oil, and other frying fats.

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Continuous filtration allows to clean the frying fat/oil from product particles, breading or lezon, which ensures not only the best taste of the product itself, but also a longer oil life.

The oil, after fine filtration through a filter belt, retains its color and taste longer, does not darken, does not discolor after repeated use. Filtration is carried out fully automatically without any participation of the operator. For filtration, a special disposable filter in rolls is used. The used filter material is wound on an empty cardboard roller, which after work is easily dismantled and replaced with a new one.

This equipment is widely used as an additional option to fryers for frying seafood, frozen and chilled semi-finished products. The unit can be used as fine cold or hot oil filtration.

Oil is loaded using an external pump, the filtration temperature depends, first of all, on its type, when using a special pump for hot oil, the operating temperature of filtration can be up to 200 degrees, which allows you to start cleaning the oil almost immediately after frying. With cold filtration - you must wait until the oil cools down.

The principle of filtration is gravitational, when oil is poured through the filter cloth belt due to its own gravity, the filter cloth replaces the conveyor, which carries the decomposition products in the oil from the installation.

The installation is made entirely of stainless steel, the width of the filter cloth is 400 mm.