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Conveyor fryer for chips and snacks


A combination of a basic model of a universal fryer and a paddle module for frying chips, snacks and other products in the form of thin and fragile slices.



This combination of a basic fryer and paddle conveyor is designed to evenly fry thin and light foods (such as potato chips or extruded foods). A conveyor with paddles is installed on the basic model of a tabletop universal fryer and allows you to expand the range of products. With this module you can easily fry the following products:


• Chips

• Corn/rice snacks.

• Corn Chips/Tortillas

• French fries

• Potato wings

• Cassava chips - Cassava (Yuka) chips

• Taro chips

• Croutons

• Potato balls

• Croquettes

• Pellets/extruded snacks

• Banana chips

• Eco-chips (chips from sweet potatoes, beets, zucchini, carrots and other vegetables and fruits)


Module with paddles


The module included in this combination is a stainless steel conveyor with 4 sections of paddles spaced evenly along the entire length of the frying area. Due to the high sides, the product floats freely in the frying zone; the paddles immerse the product in the oil, turn it over and move it to the output zone (the unloading part of the base lower belt). The movement and drive of the paddles is synchronized between the module and the base conveyor.


Operating principle


A separator is installed at the product inlet of this module, which prevents the product from sticking together and evenly separates and distributes the product across the entire width of the conveyor, and the paddles, turning over, advance the product along the entire working container. Thanks to this constant and uniform stirring, the product is evenly fried. The special curved shape of the blades reduces the likelihood of damage to fragile products during the frying process.





• Frying time is adjustable and can be set from a few seconds to 50 minutes

• Special paddle's shape that does not damage even the most fragile product

• Special separator at the product inlet for uniform distribution of the product across the entire width of the working area

• Low product loss - the bottom conveyor does not allow the product to go beyond the sidewalls or fall below the level of the base conveyor

• Simple and easy installation and removal



Other additional modules for fryer:


• Second/upper pressure conveyor for forced immersion of the product in oil during frying

• Work table for fryer made of stainless food steel

• Oil reservoir with a capacity of 75 liters* The reservoir can only be ordered together with the work table, as part of it

• Automatic hot oil circulation system** with filtration, suitable for pre-treatment of product entering the fryer - a “waterfall” of hot oil to fry the product, close the pores of the product and reduce its sticking


*Oil volume 75 liters +- 5 liters.

**For version with work table and oil reservoir


Data sheet

  • Heating: Electricity
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Operation mode: Mixed
  • Principle of operation: Continuous mode
  • Country of origin : Slovakia