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Cooker MIP
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Cooker MIP

New product

MP cooker is a reliable and extremely functional solution for cooking, pasteurizing in the same tank thus saving equipment cost, space. All material are most reliable in European market so guarantee a long and trouble free operation

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Volume, l:

MIP cooker is designed for cooking and pasteurization.  Unit has an extended evaporator surface, at the bottom as well as, all around the tank, for direct dissipation of heat, and PLC control panel for optimization of heating and cooling processes.

Cooker can be provided with heating options of various heating capacity and power consumption.

Cooker is made of high quality materials using the latest equipment and technology.

Machine is equipped with low speed agitator 30 rpm (installed on a special elevated base on the lid, for easy cleaning and service).

Machine consists of three parts:

1.       The tank

2.       Control panel (optional)

3.       Heating cooling system (optional)

Equipment is provided in two option – economy and basic.

Differences is that basic is equipped with a detachable arm with a detachable stirrer and two half lids. 

Basic version 50 -650 L

Economy is suitable only for product with low viscosity.

Economy version available from 50-1000 L

Extra features:


Hot water supply to the cooker circuit can be achieved with gas or oil boiler or electric heater


For the cold water supply ice banks can be used