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Frozen block flaker FBF600

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The block cutter is designed for chopping frozen blocks of meat, fish, poultry, meat by-products, juice, butter or margarine without prior defrosting. This is a convenient and quick method of preparing the products for further processing, which saves time and reduces the likelihood of product contamination.

  • Efficiently slices the product into thin layers while preserving its texture
  • Safe pneumatic feeding of the product into the grinding section
  • Special fixation system for the product container during unloading
  • Low product losses during processing
  • A powerful blade drive

Block cutters are used in meat and confectionery production, as well as in the manufacturing of juices and semi-finished products. They are often used due to their significant time-saving capabilities and their contribution to maintaining the hygienic standards of food products.

Slicers, using special knives, can chop frozen blocks of products such as:

  • oils
  • margarine
  • fats
  • meat
  • fruits
  • juice
  • organ meats
  • poultry entrails
  • fish
  • vegetables


  • Versatility. The basic version is equipped with knives for cutting blocks into thin chips, with a thickness of 2 mm, excellent for slicing and crushing offal, for example, liver for the production of sausages. Depending on the product, the machine can be equipped with different types of knives.
  • Safety. When the lid is opened, the rotor drive equipped with knives is automatically switched off. The blocks are fed safely using a pneumatic roller to minimize operator risk.
  • Grinding is carried out practically without losses. The crushing system and the angle of the knives are guaranteed to direct the product towards unloading. Pieces of the product do not remain on the surfaces and do not fly away; the sidewalls and special curtains  help to prevent this.
  • The installation is equipped with a system for fixing rolling trolleys under the unloading hopper, making it convenient and safe to operate.

Basic version

It consists of an installation with a reinforced stainless frame structure, equipped with a loading system for frozen blocks with a working width of 600 mm, a BIN container fixation system for unloading, a grinding section with an 11 kW rotor drive, on top of which knives with blades sharpened on both sides are installed. The control system is located directly on the body of the unit.

Technical requirements:

  • Compressed air drive with a pressure of 6-10 bar


  • Replacement of knives at customer's request
  • "Quiet" compressor for compressed air
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Principle of operation: Continuous mode
  • Country of origin: Slovakia
  • Working Area Width: 600 mm
  • Total power, kW: 11
  • Voltage: 380-400V