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Tubular type pasteurizer, multifunctional


The tubular pasteurizer is usually designed for cream pasteurization in the butter production line. Such pasteurizers are used as a rule at the enterprises of the dairy industry, in particular at butter-making and other industries.

The tubular pasteurizer is an equipment used in the food industry for the thermal processing of various products. It has many advantages and a wide range of applications, which makes it popular among food manufacturers. Here are some of its properties that make the tube pasteurizer a valuable solution:


Efficient Heat Exchange - the tubular pasteurizer provides highly efficient heat exchange between the product and the heat transfer medium (usually hot water or steam), which allows you to quickly reach the required temperature for pasteurization.


Suitable for different products - due to its design, the tube pasteurizer is suitable for processing products of different viscosities and solids content. This makes it versatile and applicable in various sectors of the food industry.


Nutrient Preservation - the tube pasteurizer ensures that the product is heated gently and evenly, which helps preserve its nutrients, vitamins and original taste.


Flexible settings - the tube pasteurizer allows you to easily adjust the pasteurization temperature and time depending on the specific product, providing optimal processing conditions.


Compactness - tubular pasteurizers have a compact design, which saves space on the production site and simplifies their integration into the production line.


Ease of service - the equipment can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a long service life and efficient operation.


Economic benefit - the tubular pasteurizer has relatively low operating costs and provides high performance, making it a cost effective solution for manufacturing plants.


The list of products that can be pasteurized on this type of pasteurizer is impressive, the most popular products that are processed on this type of pasteurizer are:


Dairy products:





Cottage cheese



Fruit and vegetable juices:


Orange juice

Apple juice

Grape juice

Other fruit and vegetable juices


Baby food:


Fruit and vegetable puree

Infant formula (baby porridge)


Alcoholic drinks:






Sauces and soups:


Tomato soup

Vegetable soup

Pasta Sauce

salad dressings