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Gas pasteurizer MGGPS 300

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The machine has been designed in accordance with safety requirements. The heat treatment of the product itself is in a heat exchanger, which consists of a built-in stainless steel tube. The heat is provided by a gas or fuel oil boiler. The temperature of the heated water is regulated by the boiler. The temperature of the treated medium is controlled by a bypass valve. The temperature control is at two points, in the heat exchanger and the other once at the outlet. The machine automatically controls the heat exchanger temperature. The pasteurizer works automatically. If the juice temperature falls below the desired temperature, the machine switches off and the juice circulates in the bypass system until the temperature reaches the set level. The machine then let the filling. Machine Requires minimal maintenance.

The picture shows a machine with a filling system, which can be supplied in addition to various types: manual bottle filling system, manual bag in box filling system, or bax in box semi-automatic filling system

Unbeatable price, universal use, heat processing of lower viscose liquids or water.

Universal use for many different products 

The pasteurizing equipment MGGPS 300 is suited for the heat processing of lower viscose liquids or water. The equipment was constructed for complying with the food safety standards. The machine is fully automatic. 

Suitable products:

  • drinking water
  • Juices
  • low viscosity products


Technical details: Output: 300 l / h (when heated to 20 ° C to 80 ° C)

Electrical requirements: 1 kW, 230 V, 6 A

Heat output: 30 kW

Fuel: propane, PB, natural gas

Material: Wnr. 1.4301, stainless steel AISI 304

Weight: 300 kg Electronics with IP65 certification

Connections: DN 25 Flue gas outlet: diameter 60 / 100mm

Automatic temperature control Requires minimal maintenance

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