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Tilting Boiling Pan 550L
Tilting Boiling Pan 550L
Tilting Boiling Pan 550L

Tilting Boiling Pan 550L, gas, indirect


This 550 l professional tilting kettle is gas-fired and is indispensable in the professional kitchen. It allows you to easily prepare the most delicious soups, broths, sauces and creams. With this tilting version, you can make your life even easier.

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When a large production capacity is required, you can rely on this premium gas kettle. The capacity of 550 liters allows you to quickly cook, bake or boil a large amount of food.

Indirect heating system

This kettle has double walls with water inside. As a result, the heating of the product is carried out not only from below, under the working container, but more evenly over the entire surface of the walls. As a result, the risk of burning is very low. This system is known as an indirect heating system. It is ideal for preparing liquid dishes such as soups, sauces, broths and creams. Thanks to the additional insulating material from which the kettle is made, heat loss and energy consumption are kept to a minimum. In addition, the safety thermostat also protects against low water levels so that the product does not burn. A handy pressure gauge is located on the top of the boiler for easy reading of the pressure.

Ease of use

The most practical feature of this cooker is that it can be tilted. The slope makes it easier to add ingredients, mix them properly or empty the working container. The wide pouring nozzle also helps with this, and the tilt is fully automated via a control panel. The lid of the unit is quite large and heavy, but thanks to the weight mechanism, you can easily open and close it, which makes this boiler very convenient to use. And since it is made of stainless steel, the pot is round inside, it is also easy to clean. Finally, the unit is placed on wheels to make it as easy as possible to move around when needed.


  • Indirect heating system with steam heating up to 110¬įC
  • Micro-perforated stainless steel burners with flame protection for added safety.
  • Pressure relief valve prevents excess steam pressure
  • Solenoid valve and chrome-plated swivel tap for filling with hot or cold water
  • Equipped with a drain tap for easy draining of food
  • Contains an external valve to release excess air
  • Piezo ignition
  • Very robust construction
  • Hygienic design

Product features

  • Net weight: 510 kg
  • Net capacity: 500 l
  • Unit dimensions: W192.8 x D165 x H108.7cm
  • Total gas power: 56.0 kW
  • Installed gas nozzles: G25 - natural gas
  • Additional set of gas nozzles: G30 - LPG (propane/butane)


  • Round stainless steel vessel
  • Double wall indirect heating system: ideal for liquid foods.
  • Equipped with a drain valve and a wide spout for easy food removal.
  • Electromagnetic valve and swivel chrome tap for filling with hot or cold water.
  • With four wheels for easy movement
  • Heating: Gas
  • Capacity: 500 l
  • Material: Stainless steel