Vacuum evaporator SQE 100
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  • Vacuum evaporator SQE 100
  • Vacuum evaporator SQE 100
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Vacuum evaporator SQE 100

We offer different types of vacuum evaporation machines, this type is an affordable option for superior quality stanless steel evaporator equipment. For the price quote and more information, send us an email to


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Vacuum evaporator SQE 100

Vacuum evaporator SQE 100 is designed for boiling a wide range of viscous products under vacuum conditions, where the boiling process takes place at lower temperatures.

This preserves the natural taste, aroma and color of the products. condensed milk

Suitable products for Vacuum evaporator SQE 100:

  • jams
  • condensed milk
  • sirup
  • must

Vacuum evaporation increases shelf life of the product

Vacuum effectively removes air bubbles from the finished product. Ready meals have a homogeneous structure without air inclusions, which favorably affects the shelf life of the finished product.

Vacuum evaporator SQE 100 - easy to operate, adjustable control system

Intuitive easy operation (everything is clear from the display on the control panel). 10 evaporation programs that can be customized for different products. The control system is fully adjustable. Customers can set: depth of vacuum, temperature, evaporation time, rotations + cycle of the stirrer.

Condenser collector 

Condenser + condenser collector is a big advantage, as the vaporized liquid does not disperse into the atmosphere, but enters the external container (condensate collector). Steam can also be replaced with hot water, with a maximum temperature of 95 C at the inlet. vacuum evaporator

Vacuum evaporator SQE 100 - Advantages: 

  • Steam consumption is about 50 kg / one cycle (depending on the product).
  • Small compact design
  • Multifunctional, adjustable mixer - the customer adjust the mixer according to the needs of the product.
  • CIP stations, connection to CIP system
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