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Vegetable washer VIR T

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This vegetable washer has been designed as a mechanism using an amendable whirl or vortex with consisten clean water.

Cleaning bigger amount of vegetables with no damage

The standard method of cleaning fruits, vegetable, meat, fish or frozen food takes a lot of time and for the most part doesnt ensure the elimination of any undesired impurities. The issue with cleaning bigger amounts with no damage to the formation and quality of vegetable, salads, and others can be simply resolved using our VIR series of equipment.

Suitable products: 

  • fruits
  • vegetable
  • salads
  • meat
  • fish
  • frozen food


Automatic level regulating sanitizing filling tool, which is applied jointly with level regulator. Trolleys for vegetable transportation, constructed from 18/10 stainless steel with four castors plus detachable basket manufactured from white plasticized steel.


  • Drum manufactured from stainless steel 18/10 including overflow pipe plus drain.
  • Legs constructed from glossy aluminium metals, height amendable.
  • Drum constructed from stainless steel with perforated walls and bottom.
  • Engine driven pump case plus controlling panel.
  • Fast opening hydraulic valves for drainage, cleaning regulator plus water inlet from stainless steel.

Tilting version

For the bigger catering centres requiring higher operating efficiency, We have designed two versions of tilting drum washers of teh larger models. At the end of the washing cycle, the kitchen staff will operate the drum tilting control, and the washed product will be automatically and quickly discharged into the suitable trolley. The trolleys have been specially designed to accomodate a whole load of one washing cycle.


  • Regulating mechanism for washing flow regulated by an appropriate lever.
  • Dirt draining tool regulated by an appropriate lever.
  • The cleaning drum plus its top edge are simply detachable for washing.
  • Lower voltage (24 V) control panel, with stainlees steel panel
  • included: cleaning time program, mode selecting: manual - stop - automatic - light - power light.

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