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Belt blancher CB 800/2700

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Belt Blancher is a device that eliminates the risk of product damage while moving inside the blancher. Because some specific products are sensitive to high temperatures, and direct steam injection or immersion in hot water is not suitable for processing, the ideal solution is the 800/2700 blancher, which uses a hot water system.

Conveyor-type blanching, cooking and cooling equipment CB is a high-quality professional equipment that works continuously with low energy consumption.

The processed product is harmless, preserves all beneficial substances, vitamins and nutrients. The advantage of the device is its versatility with a wide range of applications. The device can be configured to handle various products (depending on the type of processing and product type):

  • Soft seafood, such as mussels without shell or shrimp 
  • Different kinds of pasta
  • vegetables
  • mushrooms
  • And many others

The device allows blanching, cooking and subsequent cooling of the product.

Belt blancher CB is designed for heat treatment of a wide range of products whose fine structure requires minimal mechanical impact in the blanching or cooking process. Unlike the drum blancher, in which the product is blanched in one direction mixing and rolling process, and the screw blancher in which the product passes through the working chamber by means of a screw, the product is not moved on the conveyor belt and it is processed without damaging its surface.

Continuous production and uniformity of cooking, blanching and cooling are achieved thanks to independent belt conveyors in each section: sections are cascaded, ie. each section is lower than the previous one, providing automatic product rotation while moving the conveyor belt from section to section.

The blanching section is followed by a cooling zone where the product is poured with ice water and cooled to 5 ° C. Efficient cooling allows the process to be terminated immediately, to obtain a product of the desired degree and to prepare it for further processing or packaging. Each section is equipped with a special water pouring system for the product with continuous filtration and water circulation. Blancher consists of 5 zones: feeding, blanching (hot water), medium, cooling zone and unloading zone

On request, it is possible to add sections, eg for washing, preheating, additional cooling and so on.

Heating system: Blancher CB 800/2700 is equipped with an electric heating system.

Filtration System: Belt Blanchers CB are equipped with a highly efficient and comfortable filter system. The smallest parts of the product that are carried along with the water are captured by the filter system with interchangeable stainless steel mesh. Cleaning of the filter can be carried out while running the blancher.

Optionally, on request, the blancher can be equipped with a single or multi-turn product section for uniform heat treatment from all sides. It may also be provided with a steam / hot water delivery system from the bottom of the conveyor belt. In order to remove excess water and fine product particles, a section behind the cooling section can be installed on request. "Air knife".

Characteristics: CB blanchers have a reliable frame ensuring the stability of the entire structure even with larger equipment dimensions. The cleaning is via CIP heads connected to the CIP station system. CB Belt Blanchers are made exclusively from AISI 304 stainless steel. The conveyor belt is made of PVC or stainless steel, depending on the processing temperature and the bulk density of the product.


  • A wide range of CB blancher configurations allows you to select the optimal device for any application.
  • Any heat transfer medium
  • Stainless or PVC conveyor belt
  • Integrated or extended water or air cooling section
  • Option to install any additional equipment
  • Any performance.
  • The performance of the conveyor blanks determines the bulk density of the product on the belt and the processing time, depending on the product type.
  • The standard model range includes blanchers with a belt width of 400 to 2000 mm.



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