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Vacuum fryer
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  • Vacuum fryer

Vacuum fryer vf30

For frying, drying food and producing healthy snacks, vegetable and fruit chips. 

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"Cold roast"

is a tasty and healthy way to process a product.


A vacuum fryer, by creating a vacuum environment, allows you to process the product at lower temperatures - “below the boiling point” at atmospheric pressure. An important feature of the plant is the fat removal system, which allows you to get a "dry" finished product. The technology of processing vacuum roasted products creates not only savings in energy costs, but also preserves the structure, color and taste of the finished product.


This processing method - deep-frying under vacuum - is a modern technology based on reducing the time and temperature of frying the product, which creates a healthy end product with a crispy crust, with a minimum amount of oil, fried in its own juice. The rapid formation of deep fat protects the product from excessive oil saturation.


The vacuum fryer is designed for a wide range of products such as: potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, beets, pork skins, apples as well as other types of vegetables and fruits, it can be used for chips and snacks. A vacuum fryer allows you to experiment with a wide range of food products, including obtaining intermediate raw materials for further processing or production.




 The vacuum fryer is intended for industrial experimental institutions (laboratories) for food production, also suitable for small food production and catering establishments.


why should you use vacuum frying:


Frying at low temperatures prevents the rancidity and carcinogenicity of the oil. Oil stays fresh longer and consumption is significantly reduced compared to traditional atmospheric fryers.

Fruits and vegetables fried in our vacuum fryer turn into healthy snacks that retain their natural taste and aroma, as well as other useful properties that are rapidly gaining popularity around the world and becoming a good alternative to traditional chips.

Vacuum roasting allows you to create a high value-added product with less energy than traditional roasting.



VF vacuum fryers provide consistently high product quality and high productivity. The oil supply system from the bottom allows you to fry the product in the basket with guaranteed consistency meanwhile still keeping the quality.

Durability. In the production of our fryers, only the most durable components from leading European manufacturers are used. For production, we use Swedish food grade AISI304 stainless steel. We do not use any Chinese (or similar) components.

Convenient and compact design.

Fast loading and unloading of the product into the frying chamber (no more than 2-3 minutes).






oil container,

Working container for frying,

Heating system (flow heat exchanger), 24 kW

The circulation system, the minimum oil volume for the operation of the circulation system is 200 l

Working basket, 30 l

Vacuum system, including a vacuum generator, vacuum retention and control system (vacuum injector)

Separation system (to remove oil residues),

Condensate collection tank.

Working temperature - up to 120 degrees

The maximum vacuum value is "-0.8" bar

Material - food stainless steel AISI304

Installation environment:

1) the presence of an ice water source or an ice water station to supply to the condenser (30,000 liters per hour, pressure 4 bar, temperature at the condenser inlet no more than 8 degrees)

2) the presence of a sewerage system to drain condensate from the condensate collection tank, it is necessary to install a grease trap before discharging water into the sewerage system)

3) the presence of a three-phase network 380 V

4) the presence of a source of compressed air (6-10 bar, 900 liters/minute)



The principle of operation
The dry product for processing is loaded into the fryer basket. After creating a vacuum in the system, the oil from the oil tank is pumped into the heat exchanger (flow heater), where it is heated. After reaching the required temperature, the oil is fed into the frying pan from below until the basket is completely immersed in oil. During roasting, steam is generated, which is transferred to a liquid state (water) with the help of a condenser, the condenser is released into a container for collecting condensate. After finishing its work, the condensate is automatically discharged into the sewer. After frying, the fat removal process is turned on - a centrifuge, which allows you to get a “dry” finished product at the end of the work.