• industrial fryer with two conveyors
  • industrial fryer with two conveyors
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Continuous fryer with two conveyors


The combination of the basic fryer module and the second upper-pressure conveyor allows you to significantly expand the range of products to be fried.


This combination of a basic fryer model and an overhead pressure conveyor will effectively fry foods with a high water content. Such products are usually kept on the surface of the oil during the frying process and for high-quality and even frying they must be immersed under the oil level. The product is placed between the lower and upper conveyor and, while stationary and immersed in oil, is fried for a set time before being removed from the fryer. The drive of the conveyors is synchronized, both belts move at the same speed, which prevents possible damage to the product.



This combination of deep fryer and second conveyor will allow you to fry the following products quickly and efficiently:


• Nuts - hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, Brazilian nuts, peanuts, pistachios, macadamia, cashews, almonds, and chestnuts

• Nuggets

• Fish fingers

• The Kiev's cutlets

• Cordon Bleu

• Fried pigskin

• Fried chicken skin

• Fried fish skin

• Schnitzel

• Meatballs

• Falafel

• Chicken steaks

• Meat/chicken cutlets

• Churros

• Chebureki

• Samsa

• Belyashi

• Patties

• Dumplings

• Spring rolls

• Onion rings

• Squid rings

• Breaded chicken wings

• Chicken wings in tempura

• Chicken wings in breadcrumbs

• Shrimps in batter

• Shrimps in tempura

• Shrimps in breadcrumbs

• Chak-chak

• Vegetables or fruits in batter, in breadcrumbs

• Vegetables/fruits/mushrooms

• French fries

• Rustic potatoes (potato wings)

• Hash brown

• Potato balls (croquettes), including stuffed

• Fish and chips

• Corn dog

• Sausage in dough



The base fryer and the module itself are made entirely of food-grade stainless steel, including the frame and conveyor belts. The upper conveyor belt is made of fine-mesh stainless mesh, the size of which is identical to the size of the base conveyor belt (lower). The upper conveyor is easily fixed to the lower conveyor with a drive unit.


Operating principle


Some foods that need to be deep-fried contain a significant percentage of water, and they do not drown in oil when fried. They must be forced below the surface of the oil and held there for high-quality and even frying.


The product is loaded onto the lower conveyor of the fryer and, before entering the frying zone, it is pressed by the upper conveyor belt along its entire width, forcibly immerses and holds the product below the oil surface level, and at a given speed moves it along the entire working area for unloading. The product, moving along the entire length of the working area and completely immersed in oil, is evenly fried. The roasting time can be set from a few seconds up to 50 minutes!


The maximum product height is up to 50 mm.



Height of the product unit – up to 50 mm

Reduces product loss and damage

Adjustable speed of the conveyor - frying time can be set from several seconds to 50 minutes.

Food-grade stainless steel fine wire conveyor belt

Easy installation and dismantling

Immersion thermometer for visual control of oil temperature

High processing temperature - up to 200C

Additional work surface at the input area allows you to prepare products before processing


Other additional modules that expand the capabilities of the deep fryer:


• Conveyor with paddles for frying french fries, various types of vegetable chips, crisps, and other snacks

• Working table for deep fryer made of stainless food steel

• 75-liter oil reservoir* Reservoir can only be ordered with the worktable as part of it

• Automatic hot oil circulation system** with filtration suitable for product pre-treatment at the inlet of the fryer work area - hot oil waterfall to fry the product, close the pores of the product, and reduce its sticking


* Volume of oil +- 5 liters.

**For version with work table and oil reservoir


Data sheet

  • Heating: Electricity
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Principle of operation: Continuous mode
  • Type of the equipment: Single machine
  • Country of origin : Slovakia