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Belt blanchers and coolings CB

Heating: electric and steam - combination 

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The plant is determined for blanching and cooling. It is a high-quality professional plant which works continuously with using low energy demand.

The processed product is without any damages at final phase, it saves all the beneficial substances, vitamins and nutrients.

One of the blancher advantages is its universality. The plant can be configured in the way to process different kind of products, such as: 

  • soft seafood like mussels without shell or shrimps
  • vegetables
  • mushrooms
  • and many others

The plant performs blanching and then cooling of products. The blancher consists of a vibration dosing device for steady product dosage. The continuous blancher CB is determined for heat-treating of wide product range whose soft structure requires to minimize a mechanic influence during the process of blanching.

The process of manufacturing continuity, blanching and cooling is ensured by the independent conveyors belt in each section. Sections are in cascades what means that each section is lower than the previous. It enables an automatic product rotation during its shifting at conveyor belt from section to section.

Each section consists of the special direct water – steam injection system with continual filtration and water circulation. The plant is constructed from a system which can minimize costs for water/steam consumption.

The product cooling process can be realized by water, air or by their combination. The heating system is a hybrid system which enables to select the most optimal processing method for each product.

The plant allows a regulation of:

  • vibration dosing device,
  • conveyors speed,
  • temperature and time.

According to customers request, it is possible to add next sections, such as pre-washing, preheating, additional cooling and so on.

The heating system The blancher continuous CB can be equipped with of steam, electric or gas heating system. When using steam heating process there is used high-efficient water heating system based on steam flow which enables to decrease a temperature loss decrease to zero and ensures the maximum economic plant efficiency.

If there is only the steam with low pressure in customer factory, the conveyor blancher can be equipped with additional heating section which ensures an effective plant usage during steam pressure from 1 bar.

When using electricity, the heating is ensured through thermal exchanger. Universality zz The wide range of configuration options allows to select the optimal plant for any usage.

  • The blanching process is possible to realize by water or steam.
  • The stainless or PVC conveyor belt.
  • The integrated or extended section of water or air cooling.
  • The installation variety of optional additional equipment.
  • The variable performance. The performance of conveyor blancher is determined by the specific product density on belt and processing time.

The blanching/cooking process The blanching process can be realized by steam, warm water or by steam and air combination depending on the type of processed product and required temperature. The CB blancher can be used as a steam sterilizer when using clean steam. The continuous blancher NORMIT CB sections The basic version of the continuous blancher comprises the product loading sector, work sector with heating and unloading sector. For the process of blanching is possible to use watering or spraying steam/water method.

According to customer request, the blancher can be equipped with a section of disposable or multiple product rotation which provides steady heat-treating all the sides. The blancher can be equipped additionally with spraying steam/warm water system from the bottom part of the conveyor belt. The continuous blanchers CB are equipped by integrated or extended cooling section. The cooling process can be performed by immersing into ice water respectively by ice water pouring or cold air spraying. For removing redundant water and soft product elements, it is possible to install a section called “air knife” after cooling section on demand. The continuous blanchers CB are made from specific food stainless steel AISI304.



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