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Frozen Butter Homogenizer / Reworker FBHG

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Texturizer FBHG is intended for mechanical processing of frozen blocks of butter, animal fat, margarine and other plan fats, without prior defrosting.

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The homogenization of the butter is carried out in order to improve the butter's consistency and taste stability under storage conditions. 

In the process of plasticization, a uniform distribution of moisture and other components is achieved, which ensures a long shelf life of the product, preserves the organoleptic properties, and shortens the time required for defrosting.

Suitable products: 

  • Butterbutter texturizer
  • Margarine
  • Animal fat
  • Vegetable fat
  • Cheese
  • Cottage cheese
  • Soap


  • No need for prior defrosting
  • From -18°C at input up to 8°C at output with a capacity up to 2000 kg/h (depends on chosen model) of continuous operation
  • Processing butter blocks with a weight of up to 25 kg
  • No microbial contamination
  • No loss of moisturecheese reworker
  • Air content in end product: max. 0.5%


  • There is no need for prior defrosting of butter or margarine blocks before packaging or using the blocks in your manufacturing process. This significantly saves space and time. The process takes place in an continuous mode, which considerably increases the capacity of production and decreases manpower costs.

  • No microbial contamination. Frozen products gain plasticity quickly and evenly thanks to mechanical processing and the high pressure inside the processing chamber, and blocks can be placed into retail packaging with minimal increase in temperature (depending on the possibilities of the packaging device).

  • The product is evenly processed. Unlike with traditional methods of defrosting, where the internal part of the block remains frozen and the outside part is already susceptible to bacteria and oxygen, frozen blocks are processed in the reworker evenly and without harming the properties of parts of the product.

  • Uniform distribution of moisture. The special design of the operating parts helps to increase product plasticity and ensure even distribution of moisture, which provide long-term product storage, preservation of organoleptic properties and shortening of defrosting time.

  • No air in end product. The unique design allows you to reduce the air content in the product down to 0.5% without the need for a vacuum chamber. Elimination of air is achieved by gradual narrowing of the processing area and extremely high pressure during the process of plastification. For obtaining the best result, the supply of the product into the reworker should be synchronized capacity-wise so that the so-called “butter roller” effect can be created, which prevents additional entrance of air into the area where the mixing screws operate.

  • Very high level of hygiene. The homogenizer has been designed in such a way that it can be completely disassembled, with convenient access to all internal surfaces. There are no areas that are difficult to access. The working parts – screw conveyors – have a self-cleaning design. After the work is finished, the product does not remain on the screw conveyors, and therefore no product is wasted.

  • Reliability and high quality of manufacturing. The reworker is made entirely from AISI304 or AISI316L grade stainless steel, depending on the customer’s request. The reinforced construction, which is designed for uninterrupted operation at high pressure, and the high-quality seals ensure uninterrupted processing without loss of product.

margarine homogenizer

Technical characteristics: 

frozen butter reworker



Download (460.51k)