Compact continuous fryer for tortillas, chips, french fries
  • Compact continuous fryer for tortillas, chips, french fries
  • Compact continuous fryer for tortillas, chips, french fries

    Snacks fryer 400/1100/12


    The fryer for chips has 4 special paddles, evenly situated along the entire length of the working area, which are able to turn the product over without causing damage while immersing it in oil.

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    The new compact version of the NORMIT CATF SNACK PRO for snacks, chips and French fries.

    This version is based on the universal model of the CATF table fryer, which allows you to fry a wide range of products.

    The main difference of the CATF SNACK PRO version is the  4 paddles, located evenly along the entire length of the frying zone, which gently, without damage, turn the product over, immersing it in oil and transfering it to unloading. These paddles provide uniform frying of chips, French fries and various snacks, including those with a fragile structure. In the area of the loading tray, a tedding system is installed to prevent the product from sticking during loading.

    The frying is regulated by the speed of rotation of the paddles, can be adjusted from 1 second to 60 minutes!

    Automatic unloading of the product is carried out by means of a conveyor, the speed of which is regulated independently of the paddles, which allows unloading the product faster, preventing the process of overcooking snacks.

    The control system for the rotation of the paddles allows you to customize the program of their operation. The main mode of the work program provides for forward / stop / reverse rotation of the paddles. Such a movement algorithm improves the process of separating sticky pieces of the product, prevents jamming between the paddles, improves the quality and uniformity of roasting the product.

    The high power of the heating system allows the oil to heat up quickly. The basic version is equipped with a 12 kW heating system, the oil is heated by heating elements immersed in oil, located along the entire length of the working bath. To make the machine operation easy, a cover and a lifting device are provided for shifting the paddles, conveyor and heating elements upwards, making it possible to simplify and shorten the washing process. The unit is made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel.

    A distinctive feature of this type of deep fat fryers is the high safety and reliability of the equipment; in the basic version, each heating element is equipped with a safety system against overheating.