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Condensate drying chamber
  • Condensate drying chamber
  • Condensate drying chamber

Condensate drying chamber ALCD


The most efficient way to dry your food with minimal energy use is the ALCD 350l condensation drying technology with a drying area of 2.07 m2.

Volume, l:

Condensate drying smoking chamber

The dryer is compact, it is made of stainless steel; the insulation is excellent (70mm polyurethane foam).

It is equipped with a compact cooling/heating apparatus attached to the ceiling of the container. Energy consumption is 400/500 W per hour of operation. Regulation is electronic; drying temperature can be set, which makes it possible to adjust the drying with regard to different food products. The water outlet is in the form of plastic attachment which can be attached to the sewing system or a plastic container.

The principle of drying 

Condensation drying of food product (fruit, tea, mushrooms and such) is the most energy saving way of removing water from different materials, food products being one of them. It works on the heat pump principle- by cooling on a steamer temperature below dew point is reached, due to which the surface of the steamer becomes wet with moisture from the air. The heat extracted from the air goes immediately back to the same air, with the help of electric energy needed for the operation of the compressor, 20-30% more heat is generated. There's more than enough heat for the temperature in the well insulated drying container; this makes possible safe and quality drying of food. After the processing the air is lead over the grates with the drying materials. During this process the air accumulates moisture and goes back to be processed in the drying unit. The process goes on continuously until the desired dryness is reached.

Due to relatively low drying temperatures the dried food preserves the quality; all the characteristics – such as the taste, freshness, aroma and color – are preserved.

The principle of operation 

The principle of drying chamber is to reduce the level of air humidity inside the cabinet due to condensation of vapors on the refrigerating surface of the heat exchanges of the refrigeration unit; air with a reduced level of humidity enters the heating surface of the heat exchanges, where it is heated, after which dry and warm air enters the working tank for drying the product. The condensate outlet must be connected to the sewage system or a condensate collection tank must be connected!

Equipment control is semi-automatic. The process (sequence, stages, processing time) depends on the production technology and the necessary processing of specific raw materials. The most effective way to reduce food humidity (like fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, tea, pasta, herbs, etc) and the ambient air humidity with minimal use of energy is the condensation drying technology.

The procedure is essentially the same as at the air condition system: the air humidity is reduced in the enclosed space - on the outer surface of the evaporator thanks to the lower condensation temperature, the drops will be formed, so the water can be drained or collected in an external reservoir. The air, setted between +40/ +50°C, picks up the humidity of the products and thanks to the evaporator, it will be leaded out. Thanks to the air circulation, the perfect results can be achieved even at low operating temperature.

Technical characteristics: 

fruit condensate dryer