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The NWT PLUS chillers have a compact design. They take little space and are very easy to install and to start. The units are mobile on wheels. We offer different capacities. For more information, email us at

For caterers it is very important to dry any kind of vegetable within a few seconds, keeping unaltered the natural freshness and without damaging the most delicate leaves. We offer 3 different capacities. If you need a vegetable centrifuge on an industrial scale, send us an email to 

Blanching helps keeping the vitamins and nutritional properties of the product, as well as an outer appearance with bright and natural color. For the price quote and more information about this blancher or any other blanchers, email us at 

Colloid mill NKM is an ideal solution for continuous grinding of particles in to viscous, semi-hard and hard consistency substances without preliminary grinding.

 For more information, send us an email to 

The frozen blocks flaker is intended for flaking of frozen blocks of meat, fish and poultry (including with bones), as well as frozen blocks of juice, butter, margarine and similar products coming directly from cold storage and without prior defrosting.

For a price quote or a free consultation, send us an email to 

Feeding conveyors optimally transport your product to another processing facility to maximize output and improve downstream performance. Price depends on the product and size of the conveyor. For more information, send us an email to